March 2015 archive



If I don’t start my day with a routine that sets me up for a good day, I am less likely to have a productive and positive day. Everyones idea of a good morning routine is different, but mine includes…

  1. Before getting out of bed, I drink a liter of water. Drinking water in the morning is incredibly beneficial for your body. 75% of the population is cortically dehydrated. Not only is hydration key for a healthy body, but it helps with your overall skin tone and keeps you full throughout the day!
  2. I drink a green smoothie to fit in as many good thinks into my body as I start my day! I like to put spinach, PB2, a banana and coconut milk in my smoothies.
  3. Set time aside in the morning to either journal, read or listen to music that you like. It is so important to spend time on yourself – especially in the morning. Starting off your day reflecting on what you need to accomplish is a great way to set yourself up for success!


Taking a daily multivitamin can do wonders for not only your physical health, but also help with energy support and boosting your mood. I like to take Vitafusion Women’s Gummies – Energy Metabolism Bone Health. This vitamin has both vitamin D and B12 which both aid in energy support and mood boosting.


This is pretty self explanatory. Every now and then, we all deserve a special treat. To me, this might be a drink at Starbucks or some fun treats from my favorite health foods store. If I’m feeling really crazy, I like to get my nails done. My point here is that it is important to treat yourself like someone you love! And sometime for me, love comes in the form of a latte.


It is simple. Exercise releases endorphins and endorphins make you happy! My favorite way to move is to get outside and go for a walk/run and just enjoy the world around me. I make sure to not be too hard on myself when it comes to exercising because it is so incredibly important to make exercising something that you enjoy! Find what you love. If you like to ride bikes, do that! If you like to do yoga, then do that. Find what makes you happy and what makes you feel your best and go for it.


As hard as it is some days, it is so important to put on what I like to call “real people clothes”. Some days it is so hard to want to change out of my favorite yoga pants and hoodie, but it is worth the effort! Dressing for your day makes you feel put together and more confident in yourself. It can be as simple as your favorite skinny jeans, a cute top and a cardigan. Fixing my hair in your favorite style and putting my favorite lip gloss on are all little things that I do to help myself feel pretty and ready to tackle my day!


Everyones ideal sleep time varies, but I know that I function best on 8 hours of sleep. I like to make bed time something really special and there are a couple of simple things that I do to make it that way.

  • I like to drink a cup of Sleepy Time Tea as I get ready for bed.
  • When possible, I like to take bubble baths.
  • Light a candle in your room and turn on some soft lighting while starting your right routine.
  • I spray my bedding with lavender spray to help me relax as I go to bed.
  • Wear cute pajamas!
  • Fill up your favorite water bottle and set it next to your bed so you can be prepared for the next morning.