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Humilite: Dictionnaire de Spiritualite 7 (1969). [184. 2 B. Haring, 3 Serm. 2 (WSA IIII3:235); Of Holy Virginity 33 trans. L. Cornish. Nicene and Post-Nicene Far/rers of the Christian Church (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917) 3:429; Serm. 9 (WSA ITIIlO:162). 26 trans. Henry Chadwick. (Oxford: Oxford University Press. [99[). [30. All subsequent references to the Confessions will be from H. Chadwick's translation. unless otherwise noted. 5 Ibid. 48 other Christ-like attributes. Preaching on Matthew 11 :25-27 near the end of his life, Augustine says: You won't become humble unless you look at the one who became humble for your sake.

108 Carr then challenges women. under these circumstances. to reconsider their own complicity in these stereotypical classifications that undervalue women's freedom and demean their identity. She calls women to question their own abdication of responsibility for self-development: Women's temptation or 'sin' ... relates to lack of self-assertion in relation to cultural and familial expectations. failure to assume responsibility and make choices for themselves. failure to discover their own personhood and uniqueness rather than finding their whole meaning in the too-easy sacrifice of self for others.

Here Nietzsche delights in stripping humility of its supposed self-sacrifice and surrender to reveal its unsurpassed self-aggrandizement. For Nietzsche. virtues like humility corrupt noble. courageous. and risk-taking instincts. They protect the cowardly. who become small to avoid being overcome. In the midst of guarding against suffering and aggression. the humble accept mistreatment and refuse to put themselves forward in opposition to their enemies. They harbor ill-will toward the powerful and indirectly promote their own egoism by sanctifying unegotistical ways.

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