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By means of arranging often used characters lower than the phonetic point they've got in universal, instead of in basic terms less than their radical, the dictionary encourages the coed to hyperlink characters in response to their phonetic. It is helping to mend within the reminiscence the hyperlink among a personality and its sound and which means.

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656 for sù speed. The letter F: Nos 217–218 217 218 38 fù woman. : guC to return. fù duplicate; complex. : xià summer, No. 748; + 130: fù belly; Note also: fù to cover; overturn. 39 The letter G: Nos 219–223 G 219 gAi ought to; should. + 39: hái child; + 75: hé stone; nucleus; + 18: kè to carve. 220 gFi to change. 221 gài 222 223 a lid; to cover. The S form is yáng sheep, No. 805, radical 123; plus radical 108. : yì benefit; profit, No. 827. gài aproximate. Basic: jì already; since, No. 317. gAn to do; dry.

Tóng the same, No. 689; + 184: sì to raise; rear. cH this. + 7: xiB these; + 172: cí female; + 75: chái firewood; + 30 and 148: zuH mouth, No. 935; + 120: zH purple. cì order; time. This character is qiàn to owe, radical 76, No. 541, plus radical 15; + 98: cí porcelain; + 108: dào to steal; a thief; + 154: zC expenses; to provide. cì thorn; splinter. D. phonetic f. that in: + 118: sù fast; speed, No. 656. cè plan; scheme. see No. 922; see No. 127; 23 125 The letter C: Nos 125–127 cóng cDng from; ever; to obey.

Radical 97. : zhuF, claw, as seen in + 57: hú arc. guà , No. 263. zhuA, to arrest, No. 920. to hang. Basic: guC ceremonial jade. : zhù to live, No. 918; + 144: jiB street, No. 341; + 177: xié shoes; boots; + 41: fBng a seal; a letter, No. 204. 45 249 The letter G: Nos 249–253 guài strange; odd. Note basic: of this character is the S form of shèng saint, S form: 250 251 , T form: . guAn to close. + 128: lián to unite, No. 425; + 163: Zhèng a surname; Note also + 64: zhC or zhì to throw. guAn to look at.

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