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Subtitle: dependent Upon the traditional files on the subject of, and the Monuments Erected via This Fraternity From Its beginning within the 12 months 715 B.c. to the current Time normal Books e-book date: 2009 unique book date: 1869 unique writer: American masonic publishing organization topics: physique, brain

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These, generally laying aside the material object of the institution, which them had no charms, attached themselves to its mysand founded, outside of the lodges of__w_oukmen, lodges whose labors were entirely moral and^pMlafor tical sense, But,, almost immediately after becoming known sophic. to" the clergy, these lodges were met by that intolerant which superior knowledge, if unauthorized by the Church, did, in those days of general ignorance, receive at their hands, and the members of these lodges were accused of introducing schisms among the laity, and troubles and sedition into the temporal sovereignty, disaffection toward the Pontiff and all other sovereigns, and, in fine, of the wish to re-establish the Order of the plar, aiicTto^reveuge the deatTToTthe and other officers of that Order upon the descendants of the kings and princes who were accessory thereto.

This charter is written upon a sheet of parchment in Masonic characters, which are con- tracted into the Latin of the middle ages, and the writing of which is so much defaced as to render some of the words This charter, together with a docuunintelligible. ment, said to be the records of a lodge called the "Lodge of the Valley of Peace," from its organization to the year 1519, after the death of a member of the lodge, named Boetzlaar, fell into the hands of Prince Frederick, Grand Master of the lodges of Holland, who had copies of them prepared and sent to the principallooges of Europe.

It was from the name of those solitary habitations that the title of Couldeans was given to those preachers of Christianity; as, in the Gaelic language, the w>rd couldean signifies Gospel "hermit," or dweller in solitude GENERAL HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY. 44 country, and who, like the Welsh or Cambrians, had never been conquered; and at length, menaced on every hand, and wearied with the continued strife, the Western emperor considered it prudent to remove to the southern portion of his empire those forces which had hitherto been reserved for the protection of Britain; and, by de1 grees, as they were required to protect his empire from the inroads of the Goths, he withdrew his legions, and with them his jurisdiction over the country a jurisdic- tion which he finally abdicated in the year 406.

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