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Third Reference Catalogue of Bright Galaxies: Volume II

This moment quantity of RC3 contains facts for galaxies among Oh and 12h. For comfort, we repeat the reason of entries lower than. information of the aid systems, and Notes, References, and Appendices are in quantity 1. 2. the knowledge for every galaxy are chanced on on 4 successive traces on a unmarried web page.

Unvollständigkeit und Unentscheidbarkeit: Die metamathematischen Resultate von Gödel, Church, Kleene, Rosser und ihre erkenntnistheoretische Bedeutung

Der heutige Erkenntnistheoretiker kann an den Resultaten der logischen und mathematischen Grundlagenforschung nicht mehr vorbei gehen. Insbesondere sind viele der innerhalb der Metamathematik gewonnenen Ergebnisse von einer so auBerordentlichen theoretischen Bedeutung und Tragweite, daB deren genaues Studium fur jeden, der erkenntnistheoretische Untersuchungen betreiben will, welche auf der Hohe der Zeit stehen, ganz unerlii.

Culture, Interaction and Person Reference in an Australian Language: An ethnography of Bininj Gunwok communication

The learn of individual reference stands on the cross-roads of linguistics, anthropology and psychology. As one element of an ethnography of communique, this publication bargains with a unmarried challenge — how one is aware who's being mentioned in dialog — from a wealthy and sundry ethnographic standpoint. via a mix of grammatical contract and unfastened pronouns, Bininj Gunwok possesses a pronominal approach that, in accordance with present theoretical bills in linguistics, should still facilitate transparent reduce reference.

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Miscellaneous Sectarian References in Article 6 of Part 1. " Amount in Controversy Required for a Jury Trial. In 1784, there was no minimum amount in controversy required for a civil jury trial. In 1877 the constitution was amended to allow a jury trial only if the amount in controversy exceeded $100 and no title to real estate was involved. Because a dollar amount was specified, the question of amending this article of the constitution frequently appeared on the ballot, as inflation resulted in the reduction of the value of the amount specified and the backlog for civil jury trials grew.

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