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By Leila White

The English variation of the preferred grammar publication. The book
concentrates on elements of the language which could cause
foreigners difficulty, particularly conjugation. There are plenty
of examples and structural diagrams that make it more uncomplicated to
understand and keep in mind issues. due to its transparent structure,
the ebook can be a great way of dealing with basic
grammatical features.

3rd version.

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In the above example, genius features him (nom), who is the subject of the sentence. In this case, the nominative on genius has the attributive meaning. Thus, according to Shvedova et al. (1980), the nominative case has two central meanings: subjective and attributive. Dative, on the other hand, has subjective and objective meaning. In (4), it has objective meaning, being an indirect object, while in (5) it has subjective meaning, as a dative subject of the sentence. (4) Kolâ otoslal Miše den’gi.

In that sense, man’s conceptual system is postulated to be grounded in his physical experience, ie. conceptual categories, the meanings of words, sentences and other linguistic structures are considered to be motivated, and grounded in one’s concrete, direct experience with the surrounding world, with which one interacts through perception, motion, handling different objects, etc.  (Pavlović 2010: 80) Even though the assumption that everything in language is meaningful echoes CS, CG is a proponent of polysemy, a notion that CS rejects.

Genitive of possession 2. Genitive of relation Genitive of relation is further divided into the following categories: a. Relation of the whole to the compound parts b. Genetic relation c. Explicative genitive d. Spatial relation e. Temporal relation f. Relation of an act g. Causal relation 3. Partitive genitive 4. Genitive of quality II. Adverbal genitive 1. Partial genitive Partial genitive is further broken down into: a. Partitive genitive b. Genitive that designates the whole or indeterminate multitude of homogeneous objects or emotions, that are under some influence of the subject c.

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