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By John Mack Faragher

In 1755, New England troops launched into a "great and noble scheme" to expel 18,000 French-speaking Acadians ("the impartial French") from Nova Scotia, killing hundreds of thousands, setting apart innumerable households, and riding many into forests the place they waged a determined guerrilla resistance. the perfect of neutrality; to reside in peace from the imperial wars waged among France and England; have been one of many founding values of Acadia; its settlers traded and intermarried freely with local Mikmaq Indians and English Protestants alike. however the Acadians' refusal to swear unconditional allegiance to the British Crown within the mid-eighteenth century gave New Englanders, who had lengthy coveted Nova Scotia's fertile farmland, pretense sufficient to release a crusade of ethnic detoxing on a huge scale. John Mack Faragher attracts on unique learn to weave one hundred fifty years of heritage right into a gripping narrative of either the civilization of Acadia and the British plot to spoil it. forty illustrations, 6 maps

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