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By Cahn S., Nadgorny B.

A consultant to Physics difficulties is a two-volume set of difficulties taken from Ph.D. qualifying assessments. half 2 - the better half to half 1: Mechanics, Relativity, and Electrodynamics (Plenum 1994) - positive factors 182 hard issues of certain recommendations, textbook references, transparent illustrations, and an easy-to-use structure.

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The heater is then switched off for an additional minute, and the temperature drops by Estimate the mass of the water in the bowl. 11 9 Liquid-Solid-Liquid (Moscow Phys-Tech) A small amount of water of mass in a container at temperature K is placed inside a vacuum chamber which is evacuated rapidly. As a result, part of the water freezes and becomes ice and the rest becomes vapor. a) What amount of water initially transforms into ice? The latent heat of fusion (ice/water) and the latent heat of vaporization (water/vapor) g and original volume b) A piece of heated metal alloy of mass is placed inside the calorimeter together with the ice obtained as a result of the experiment in (a).

B) At a given temperature, for which densities are your results valid? 69 Speed of Sound in Quantum Gases (MIT) The sound velocity where density. in a spin-1/2 Fermi gas is given at is the mass of the gas particles, and by is the number a) Show that where is the chemical potential. b) Calculate the sound velocity in the limit of zero temperature. Express your answer in terms of c) Show that in a Bose gas below the Bose–Einstein temperature. 70 Bose Condensation Critical Parameters (MIT) Consider an ideal Bose gas of N particles of mass and spin zero in a volume V and temperature above the condensation point.

You need not get all the numerical factors in this derivation. 79). The central parts of the Draco dwarf galaxy may be modeled as an isothermal gas sphere, with a phase-space distribution of mass of the form Here, is the local mass density in the galaxy, is the velocity dispersion, and is the mass of a typical “particle” in the galaxy. Measurements on Draco yield and light years). is the “core” radius, where the density has decreased by close to a factor of 2 from its value at a) Using the virial theorem, write a very rough (order of magnitude) relation between and b) Assume that most of the mass in Draco resides in one species of massive neutrino.

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