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It is the 1st monograph-length research of the force-feeding of starvation strikers in English, Irish and northern Irish prisons. It examines moral debates that arose through the 20th century whilst governments accepted the force-feeding of imprisoned suffragettes, Irish republicans and convict prisoners. It additionally explores the fraught position of criminal medical professionals referred to as upon to accomplish the strategy. because the domestic workplace first authorized force-feeding in 1909, a couple of questions were raised concerning the approach. Is force-feeding secure? Can it kill? Are medical professionals who feed prisoners opposed to their will leaving behind the clinical moral norms in their occupation? And do kingdom our bodies use criminal medical professionals to assist take on political dissidence from time to time of political crisis?

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In doing so, he found himself positioned precariously between the state and the fasting prisoners under his care. This chapter also suggests that institutional problems develop when medical staff harbour negative attitudes towards politicised prisoners. Doctors do not always act neutrally; they share attitudes towards certain patients which can affect treatment, particularly during conflict when the willingness of doctors to adhere to medical ethical norms can be compromised by the socio-political climate in which they reside.

37 of doctors wilfully inflicting pain on vulnerable female prisoners clashed with the emotional economies of modern, liberal Britain. Critics sought to negotiate the appropriate boundaries of bodily intervention and delineate the point at which medical practice mutated into torture. Somewhat perplexingly, historians have failed to fully examine the issues and ethical debates that surrounded suffragette force-feeding. 7 While both authors view force-feeding as an atrocity, neither fully considers the ethical intricacy of force-feeding debates.

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