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Written within the culture of G. Ludwig’s groundbreaking works, this publication goals to elucidate and formulate extra exactly the basic rules of actual theories. via introducing a uncomplicated descriptive language of easy shape, during which it truly is attainable to formulate recorded proof, ambiguities of actual theories are refrained from up to attainable. during this technique the sphere of physics that are supposed to be defined by means of a conception relies on easy techniques simply, i.e. recommendations that may be defined and not using a concept. during this context the authors introduce a brand new thought of idealization and evaluate the method of getting to know new recommendations. they think that, while the theories are formulated inside an axiomatic foundation, strategies are available to many tricky difficulties comparable to the translation of actual theories, the kinfolk among theories in addition to the creation of actual suggestions. The e-book addresses either physicists and philosophers of technology and will motivate the reader to give a contribution to the knowledge of the lasting center of actual wisdom in regards to the genuine constructions of the realm.

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N ). Before we can formulate sentences of the form (p) and (r), it is necessary to establish the objects, their properties and relations. Before we can begin to develop a physical theory, we must have the possibility of such determinations of realities without using the intended new theory. This does not mean that we do not use any theory. , already known theories. We will discuss later how we can use theories to detect new realities (see Sect. 3). , where we can state realities directly by our senses.

Reference - a, b, α - ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ............. representation - between a1 , a2 , α, there is the distance relation δ(a1 , a2 , α) - Reality level Fig. 2. Semantic relations of reference and representation An adequate representation of a whole domain of facts requires a system of concepts and propositions. Relation of Denotation The relation of denotation holds between some members at the linguistic level and their correlates at the reality level.

IX]. We will not examine here the problems of the “proof” of noncontradiction in an M T . We adopt the point of view that the M T s used are without contradiction as long as a contradiction is not discovered. In the case where there would be a contradiction in M T , we would have to change the axioms in order to eliminate it. ” For any relations, because of the axioms introduced above, the following equivalences (C) are valid (as theorems in M T , see [6, Chap. I, Sect. 3]): (A and (B or C)) ⇔ ((A and B) or (A and C)), (A or (B and C)) ⇔ ((A or B) and (A or C)), (not (A and B)) ⇔ ((not A) or (not B)), (C) (not (A or B)) ⇔ ((not A) and (not B)), (not (not A)) ⇔ A.

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