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By Peter Freund

This attention-grabbing e-book assembles human tales approximately physicists and mathematicians. Remarkably, those tales cluster round a few common subject matters having to do with the interplay among scientists, and with the effect of ancient occasions reminiscent of the arrival of fascism and communism within the 20th century on scientists habit. in brief, yet lucidly, many of the attractive technological know-how that introduced those scientists jointly within the first position is defined

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He once told me, “You know Hibbs wrote the book and then asked me to put my name on it. ” Feynman wasn’t all that protective of his former students. qxd 6/29/2007 9:40 AM Page 29 FA The Wizard of Pasadena 29 quarter, I wanted to know more about an unpublished but at that time relevant thesis of a former Feynman student. Feynman came to my office and treated me to a superb lecture on the subject. It was vintage Feynman. I loved it and he saw that. ” This was unnecessary. The most remarkable and charismatic lecturer I’ve ever heard, Feynman used his whole body in a natural highly effective way to convey the material.

Yet, can one even imagine how quantum mechanics would have been discovered a full century later, had Lagrange, Hamilton, and Jacobi not invented these powerful approaches? Sure, quantum mechanics can also be arrived at by starting directly from Newton’s equations, but it is more something you do “for completeness’ sake” than something that forces itself upon you. Maybe what is now being done in string theory is the latter day version of what Lagrange, Hamilton, and Jacobi did for mechanics, the true impact of which will not be felt for quite some time.

He was inseparable from his dog, a small reddish-brown creature — a Swiss retriever if there is such a thing. The dog adoringly watched his master while dulling his keen sense of smell with the master’s extremely aromatic pipe tobacco smoke. Besides his expertise in fine tobaccos, this dog was reputed to be quite a physicist. He came to all the seminars and Stueckelberg assured us that the dog was well behaved and only barked if he detected a mistake in the speaker’s argument. qxd 7/4/2007 1:50 PM Page 16 FA 16 A Passion for Discovery dissatisfaction.

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