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By Louis J. Gesualdi

A peacemaking method of criminology is a humane, nonviolent, and medical method of the therapy of crime and the criminal. This choice of twenty-two essays presents a entire advent to a peacemaking method of criminology.

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They successfully argue that the centralization of wealth and 41 42 Chapter 11 power in the hands of such a few has given rise to a host of white-collar wrongdoings. Moreover, Simon and Hagan demonstrate that the people most adversely affected by white-collar wrongdoings tend to be the poorest members of their societies. S. and global economy. The presence of such conglomerates, as shown by Simon and Hagan’s work, increases the probability of an abundance of hurtful economic practices. Such practices include the following: 1.

3 The authors examine and debunk many public myths regarding crime and criminal justice. Some of the myths challenged by the authors include the following: 35 36 Chapter 10 Myth—A majority of missing children are abducted by strangers. Reality—The official numbers of missing children in the United States not only include stranger abductions, but also teenage runaways and parental abductions. Runaways actually make up almost 98% of the missing children, whereas parental abductions make up the remaining 2%.

The authors conclude quite to the contrary. They examine both cross-national and longitudinal data with respect to punishment practices. Specifically, incarceration rates and practices with respect to the use of capital punishment are analyzed. In both cases, the work shows that the United States is not more lenient than other comparable societies. As is well known, the United States has the highest incarceration rates of all Western democracies (currently in excess of 500:100,000). The United States is the only Western democracy that still uses the death penalty and is among a small minority of nations in which juveniles can be executed for crimes.

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