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Biology As Ideology

Following within the model of Stephen Jay Gould and Peter Medawar, one of many world's best scientists examines how "pure technological know-how" is in truth formed and guided by means of social and political wishes and assumptions.

INTERNATIONAL SCIENCE BETWEEN THE WORLD WARS: THE CASE OF GENETIC (Studies in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine)

What's overseas technology and the way does it functionality? This ebook solutions those questions via an in depth examine of foreign congresses on genetics held from 1899 to 1939. It offers a portrait of overseas technology as a made of non-stop interactions that concerned scientists and their consumers inside particular political, ideological, and disciplinary contexts.

Ingenious Genes: How Gene Regulation Networks Evolve to Control Development (Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology)

Every one people is a set of greater than ten trillion cells, busy acting projects an important to our persevered lifestyles. Gene rules networks, which include a subset of genes known as transcription elements, keep an eye on mobile job, generating the fitting gene actions for the various occasions that the multiplicity of cells in bodies face.

David Hilbert: Grundlagen der Geometrie (Festschrift 1899)

Originaltext und historischer und mathematischer Kommentar von Klaus VolkertDavid Hilberts „Festschrift“ Grundlagen der Geometrie“ aus dem Jahre 1899 wurde zu einem der einflussreichsten Texte der Mathematikgeschichte. Wie kein anderes Werk prägte es die Mathematik des 20. Jahrhunderts und ist auch heute noch von größtem Interesse.

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7 Finally, why suppose that were T to increase the probability of O in θ as predicted, that would be due to the positive effects in the shared subpopulations rather than in some subpopulations of θ not shared with φ? These questions need answers, and for EBPP, answers must be reasonably underpinned by empirical and theoretical support. One cannot just plop SC on the table and say that it is relevant to TC. Whether it is relevant depends on common explanatory factors, and presuming that common factors obtain requires good evidence.

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