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By Walter Savitch

Absolute C++ , bargains entire insurance of the C++ programming language. It offers the entire instruments helpful for skilled and beginner programmers to grasp C++, together with: thorough insurance of the normal Template Library; entire and entirely executable code all through; sections highlighting programming information and customary pitfalls; and a logical order of assurance of C++ themes to ensure that scholars to higher comprehend the language. This e-book is acceptable for introductory classes protecting the C++ language, intermediate programming classes introducing C++ to scholars acquainted with one other language and should act as a complete reference past a student's coursework.

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The program will read in the maximum room capacity and the number of people to attend the meeting. If the number of people is less than or equal to the maximum room capacity, the program announces that it is legal to hold the meeting and tells how many additional people may legally attend. If the number of people exceeds the maximum room capacity, the program announces that the meeting cannot be held as planned due to fire regulations and tells how many people must be excluded in order to meet the fire regulations.

What output will be produced by the following code? \n"; cout << "End again\n"; 12. What output will be produced by the following code? int extra = 2; if (extra < 0) cout << "small"; else if (extra == 0) cout << "medium"; else cout << "large"; 13. What would be the output in Self-Test Exercise 12 if the assignment were changed to the following? int extra = -37; 14. What would be the output in Self-Test Exercise 12 if the assignment were changed to the following? int extra = 0; 15. Write a multiway if-else statement that classifies the value of an int variable n into one of the following categories and writes out an appropriate message.

This serves two purposes. Some compilers will not output the last line of your program unless you include a newline instruction at the end. On other systems, your program may work fine without this final newline instruction, but the next program that is run will have its first line of output mixed with the last line of the previous program. Even if neither of these problems occurs on your system, putting a newline instruction at the end will make your programs more portable. ■ FORMATTING FOR NUMBERS WITH A DECIMAL POINT format for double When the computer outputs a value of type double, the format may not be what you would like.

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